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We’ve assembled the most comprehensive set of resources available anywhere to help you in the areas beyond X’s and O’s

gc12 is  "the Google for Coaches" to GO BEYOND THE GAME. Have an issue you aren't sure how to handle? You can search this Program to find solutions other coaches have used by topic, see what they have to say, get teaching tools, application exercises, and/or inspirational elements.

We are about unlocking the Game Changer within you and your program, and empowering you with the tools and resources to create our future Game Changers.

Get Equipped

Our resources will equip you to be a better coach, improve your overall program, and develop better players on and off the field.  You will have the tools to transform yourself, your team and your community.  

Be Inspired

We’ve custom-built and assembled some of the greatest coaches and leaders of our time to share their wisdom, experience and insight for your benefit.

Change Lives

We are not into quick fixes or creating experiences that are not sustainable. We are about transformation .  We specialize in connecting heads and hearts.  When this happens, your potential and the potential of your team(s) is unlimited!

Here Is What You Get

Extensive video library

Our video library has hundreds of videos from top leaders and coaches sharing their experience and success, and we’re adding to it all the time.


gc12 -  hundreds of lessons custom-built with you in mind.  They are strategically designed to develop you and your coaching staff. However, they are not designed for the faint of heart or those desiring to be average.  Our resources and tools are only designed for those interested in taking their game to the "next level."   


Inspiration, our version of 5 hour energy. These are daily, weekly and monthly short, easy to digest, power packed quotes, questions, facts and character traits to inspire you and your players.

Searchable Content 

Easy to find and use videos, lessons, and seeds (inspirational elements) are tagged by topic and sub-topic areas so that you can find what you need… fast

Interactive components

Videos from some of the great coaches and leaders of our time to help you build a great program, develop character in your players, and deal with the tough or unforeseen challenges you face daily.  

Multi-channel access

Our technology infrastructure and dynamic design were built to allow you ultimate flexibility.  Use your phone, iPad (or tablet), laptop or computer.  If you have internet access, you have access to gc12 and all of its resources.  Your life...just got easier!

Teaching tools

Ever searched or needed tools "Beyond X's and O's?"  Search no more.  This program has downloadable lessons and worksheets you can use to develop yourself, your coaching staff and your players.

Inspirational elements

Get inspiration from our brief quotes, questions, and thoughts designed to trigger your creative juices – they can be used on their own or alongside the other portal resources.

Hear what others have to say about gc12

Dw“Easy and Convenient. This curriculum will make every coach's life easier and impact greater.”
D.W. Rutledge
Executive Director - Texas High School Coaches Association & Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation

Mark Smith“An entire library of "best practices" from coaches that have experience and success.  This Leadership Program is a complete resource for coaches beyond X's and O's".
Mark Smith
Head Coach - Judson High School

Hal Wasson"Transformational. It's about relationships and impact at the end of the day. It is the reason many of us coach. There is no better program I can think of to help coaches build into their student athletes.”
Hal Wasson
Head Coach - Southlake Carroll High School

Scott Smith"Innovative and Cutting Edge. I can get everything I need on my phone or computer. Simply amazing."
Scott Smith
Former Head Coach - Rockwall High School

Comparable programs cost thousands of dollars per person per year. gc12 is available to your entire coaching staff and/or sport at a fraction of the cost. Even though this program is impressive as it is, we continue to add to our library of resources so you have all of the most relevant and up to date tools and information you need to help you with your team. With these tools you can successfully become the most impactful person in your athletes’ lives and help them to become a Game Changer. For more information on "How to Use gc12 click here 

This comprehensive resource provides all you need from program building to character development to dealing with tough issues and everything in between. It’s your personal “Easy” button for whatever you need whenever you need it.
Our easy to use interface makes it easy to take advantage of the wealth of resources available. With the intuitive and user-friendly design of our portal, you can find the help you need fast.  We have designed gc12 with dynamic technology allowing it to customize to any device you use (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.).  The result - the dynamic technology interface enables you to carry this incredible resource with you and access it anytime, anywhere you go. 

Our passion is to equip you with the tools to develop yourself and your coaching staff.  Once you have equipped yourselves, you will be better able to equip others.  At your disposal are tools and resources to make your life easier and your impact greater. gc12 will help you instill character and values that will transform the lives of your players and programs, which will ultimately transform the culture and world we all live in.

Don’t put off becoming a part of gc12 one more minute!