How to use The Game Changer Leadership Program

Our goal and intent is to make your life easier and your impact greater. The following will help and guide you as you are getting familiar with the resources in The Game Changer Leadership Program.

There are hundreds of VIDEOS, LESSONS and SEEDS for you to chose from.

There are three (3) main types of content: 1) LESSONS   2) SEEDS   3) VIDEOS


Written lessons designed for coaches, coaching staffs, and student-athletes. 

Every Core Character Trait has the following three categories: 

Prep/Personal Development/Post Assessment (PPP)

Prep  -  "Gearing up" - Step 1 - Do these first.  They have been strategically designed to help you get prepared as a coaching staff.  Ideal for staff meetings or retreats.  

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Personal Development - There are at least two different learning lessons to choose from in each trait.  Both coaches and student-athletes should take advantage of these powerful teachings.  

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Post Assesment  - Post Season Assessment - measurement to ensure you are continually growing and improving your overall program.  Each character trait will have a separate post assessment for coaches and student-athletes. 

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To narrow your search from the hundreds of lessons, just enter topic name and lesson (in the search field at the top of each page - see image below ).  For example Commitment Lesson .  It will pull up the 2-3 lessons available for that topic allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for.  

Lesson Search.001


Seeds are meant to stimulate thought and/or motivate. These are quick thought starters and quotes organized by topic. Plant a seed and watch it grow.  Ideal to post on the wall, in the locker room, etc.


There are three (3) different types of videos to choose from.

Coach-to-Coach videos are meant for you to go through on your own or with your coaching staff. They allow you to sit at the feet of some incredible coaches in effort to gain insight, get ideas and/or wisdom on how to tackle and opportunity or challenge you might be experiencing.

Inspirational Stories  - these are meant for both coaches and student-athletes. You might first start by watching a video like “Boatlift” as a coaching staff. Complete the talk track that follows the video as a group. Then you might share the video with your student-athletes in film room, locker room, or study hall.

The Game Changer Leadership Program Summit Videos - Lastly, there are videos from The 2013 GameChanger Coaches Leadership Summit. We have four (4) posted today and will be posting more in our content updates. You can also buy the DVD at a significant discount NOW in the store. This four (4) Disc-set has 6+ hours of content and every speakers entire talk in HD.


 To narrow your search from the hundreds of videos, just enter topic name and video (in the search field at the top of each page - see image below).  For example Compassion Video. It will pull up the 2-3 videos available for that topic allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for.

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  • Pick a character trait  
  • Complete the Step 1 - "Gearing up " exercise for that trait.
  • Watch a few of the Coach-to-Coach videos for that trait
  • Read both Personal Development learning lessons that go with that section and choose one to use as a staff and/or with your student-athletes
  • Watch the Motivational videos that go along with the trait you have picked and pick one to use
  • Lastly, measure your performance at the end of the week or season by completing the Post Assessment .  We should all inspect what we expect. What we measure gets done. 

The Game Changer Leadership Program has the flexibility to allow you to pick and chose how deep you want to go.  Pick one lesson or  have a core character trait for every week of your season and/or school year.  The power is in your hands.   

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